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Ok i had a play of your game. I found it very challenging but also kind of addicting i always wanted to do better a secon time! How ever the car controls seem like your constantly on ice and its super hard. Im not sure if thats intended or not but it just makes the game play really clunky and will end up making alot of people rage just from fighting the games controls rather then ragining from always getting stopped by the cops. Other then that the game was really enjoyable for me. If anyone would like to see my video it will be below!



Just so you know you did not upload the windows build correctly. You need to upload the Unity data folder that compiles with the exe otherwise no one can run your game. the folder should be something like "Evasion_Data"

I was going to play your game for my next youtube video.

Thanks for letting me know that. I've re-uploaded it now so it should all be good.

If you do end up playing it for your next youtube video send me a link.

Yeah np. Im going to play it ASAP. Thanks for fixing the link. Ill post back here with my video link after im done!